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The Collection

I’ve been designing and retailing the 'Maggie Walt' line from my native Canada for over 15 years now. The clothes are made in Bali and over the years I have spent a lot of time on the island and cultivated many meaningful friendships with the Balinese. The people and island life have provided the spark to create the Santai Bali Collection.

'Santai' is the Indonesian word for 'relax'. Santai Bali is my line of fun, easy summer wear that you just slip-on and unwind in.  I use only fabrics made from all natural fibers - no polyester. The designs are not tightly fitted. A generous comfortable fit is a hallmark of the line.

The island of Bali is sometimes known as a 'Paradise' and sometimes called the 'Island of the Gods' because of the Balinese Hindu Temples that dot the landscape. The gregarious Balinese always have a smile on their face and live life in the moment… don’t fret about the future and what’s in the past is nothing more than history.

The island possesses a natural beauty that is unparalleled. From the white sandy beaches, and turquoise waters, of the south, to the lush tropical rainforest of the interior and the majestic volcanoes that created the black sand beaches of the north. 

The easy going Balinese coupled with the allure of the island provides my endless inspiration for the Santai Bali Collection.

~ Maggie Walt ~